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Cole Thompson thought he knew Japan. After six years living within Tokyo’s Yamanote loop, he spoke the language, he understood the culture, he even visited the Shinto shrine once a year to welcome the New Year. He had grown… accustomed. But a night of haggis and scotch at The American Club in Tokyo would shatter his complacency. There, amongst drunken foreigners and Japanese alike, he would meet Chiyo Toa — enchanting, articulate, professional, and married — who would change his life forever.

Lying with Chiyo opens the kimono of modern relationships in Japan. Chiyo Toa is an icon of the nontraditional Japanese woman — passionate, determined, funny, fragile. But she is duplicitous in her desire, and her search for satisfaction sends Cole Thompson spinning, halfway around the world.

About the Author
J.L. Tyler’s ten years living and working in Tokyo provide rich detail to this story of duplicity and desire. Tyler has been a magazine editor, creative director and writer, and travels extensively. His articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in Canada and Japan. For more information, please see

What the Reviewer Says:
“Excellent!” says’s Heather Froeschl. “J.L. Tyler’s novel, “Lying with Chiyo” is a book about self-inspection, self-respect, and dealing with the fallout….The characterization is superb, letting the reader into a discreet relationship and all of its dirty little secrets.” Read the full review here.

Book Facts
Fall 2006
ISBN 0-973-93280-5
Fiction, Literary
Canada $23.99 (resellers please inquire about discount)
Trade paperback, 5½ x 8½, glossy, 231 pages

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