Today I’m fortunate enough to have a career that rewards me professionally and financially, and an avocation, in the form of writing, designing and photography, that feeds my personal need for creative output.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and hold degrees from University of Alberta (BA Honours, Japanese Language and Literature) and York University in Toronto (MBA, Strategic Management). I have divided my life between Canada and Japan since 2000, and have traveled extensively throughout North and Central America, Asia and Europe.

Despite my mandatory introduction to French at a young age, my only other language is Japanese, which I speak, read and write. English language though, has always attracted me; and it has always been with great pain and pleasure that I put words together to set a scene or tell a story (not always successfully).

Though I still write sporadically, my main creative preoccupation these days is photography. It was photography, and the successful accumulation of images taken from the last three or so years, that inspired me to redo a website too long ignored. This is what you are looking through now.